The landscape of microinsurance in Africa 2012

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Microinsurance in Africa is a nascent and complex industry involving many stakeholders and operating in a variety of environments. The early stage of its development and its complexity make it difficult to get an overview of what is happening in Africa with microinsurance without a focused and persistent approach.

This landscape study aims to describe the current state of, and recent trends in, microinsurance in Africa, to identify gaps in access to and the supply of microinsurance, and to identify key bottlenecks to sustainable expansion of the sector. Its ultimate goal is to help industry stakeholders – insurers, delivery channels, policy makers, regulators, donors and others – identify areas for improvements that will eventually lead to better products and services for low-income clients.

Date of publication: 2013
Language: English
Order No.: 302-07801                                                      

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> Dirk Reinhard