Students listen carefully. They want to understand the links between climate change and sustainability.

Climate education and sustainability

We are advocating sustainability and climate education with a regional focus on Munich. In addition to promoting specific projects, we also contribute our knowledge.

Seminar on sustainable solutions at the University of Munich
The Munich Re Foundation has developed the "Water, Climate, Environment - for Sustainable Management of Global Challenges" seminar at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Each semester, approximately 15 students are familiarised with the concept of sustainability, current political processes and approaches to finding solutions. Another objective is to raise the students’ awareness of the issue for their professional lives.

Lectures at schools and universities in and around Munich
We offer lectures on various topics from our range of expertise to schools in Munich and the surrounding area. Climate change and natural disasters, as well as issues such as sustainable capital investment and issues pertaining to insurance solutions (e.g., microinsurance and poverty reduction) are among the topics that can be covered. Depending on available resources, we present approximately 15 lectures at various institutions each year. Please feel free to contact us with inquiries about our lectures.

"Global Change Management" thematic week -
Eberswalde University of Applied Sciences
The Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development offers an international Master's degree programme. Once a year, we invite the students to Munich. The Foundation, in cooperation with Munich Re, discusses various issues with about 20 young researchers. The agenda includes topics such as CSR and the Foundation's work (e.g., sustainable economic development, importance of climate change for different stakeholder groups, etc.).