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Microinsurance Learning Session: 2nd Research Workshop on Microinsurance / MILK

On 19 March 2014 the 2nd microinsurance research workshop – organized by Munich Re Foundation and the University of Munich – took place in Munich. Lessons learned from Tanzania, the Philippines, India and Mongolia were presented. Results from the MILK-project (Microinsurance Learning and Knowledge) were put up for discussion.

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Agenda and conference documents

9:00 Welcome

2nd Research Workshop on Microinsurance - Part I

Index-based insurance and disaster risk resilience in Mongolian herder communities
Veronika Bertram-Hümmer, PhD Student - Development and Security , DIW Berlin, Germany 

Effect of performance uncertainty in microinsurance markets 
Maria Isabel Santana Perez, PhD Student - Economics Department, University of Mannheim, Germany
> Presentation Santana

Community preferences and relative willingness to pay for micro health insurance: Evidence from a discrete choice experiment in rural Malawi
Gilbert Abotisem Abiiro, PhD Student - Health Economics and Health Financing, Institute of Public Health, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Amrei Lahno, PhD Student, University of Munich, Germany

10:30 Coffee break

2nd Research Workshop on Microinsurance - Part II

Lucky for those who get it: Impact of insurance indemnifications on the resilience to shocks of small scale farmers
Stephan Dietrich, Postdoc - Courant Research Centre "Poverty, Equity and Growth", University of Göttingen, Germany
> Presentation Dietrich

Ex-ante moral hazard: Experimental evidence from low-income insurance
Shailee Pradhan, PhD Candidate - Institute of Insurance Economics, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Credit risk in agricultural microfinance - Does weather index-based insurance have the potential for risk mitigation?
Ron Weber, Sector Economist - Competence Centre Financial Sector, Health & Education, KfW Development Bank
> Presentation Weber

Florian Englmaier, Professor - Department of Economics, University of Munich, Germany

12:30 Lunch
13:30 Results from the MILK Project - The magical balance: client value and business case in microinsurance


Michael J. McCord, President, MicroInsurance Centre and MILK Project Director, USA
> Presentation McCord
Richard Koven, Consultant, MicroInsurance Centre and Business Case Manager for the MILK Project, USA
> Presentation Koven
Barbara Magnoni, President, EA Consultants and Client Value Manager for the MILK Project, USA
> Presentation Magnoni
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Results from the MILK Project - cont.
17:00 Closing

The Research Workshop in the morning aims at covering a wide variety of research questions which, for example, help to explain demand and supply of microinsurance products, record the outreach of insurance coverage, or improve product design and pricing approaches. The Microinsurance Workshop is open to all stakeholder groups mainly senior as well as junior researchers. It in particular intends to give PhD students the opportunity to discuss their research ideas together with people experienced in this field of research.

The afternoon sessions will provide insights in key results of the MILK Project. Drawing on three years of research with dozens of microinsurance programs across the globe, key members of the MicroInsurance Centre’s Microinsurance Learning & Knowledge (MILK) Project team will present insights and lessons learned regarding the value of microinsurance for low income clients and the business case for insurers, distributors, and intermediaries. The interactive, multi-stakeholder workshop will consist of three components:

Client Value: Insights about the conditions under which microinsurance provides value for low income clients and the resulting practical applications for insurers and other microinsurance stakeholders.
Business Case: Lessons regarding the factors affecting the business case for microinsurance, including detailed cases based on data from health insurers (India and Kenya) and life insurers (Colombia and the Philippines).
The Magical Balance: a discussion of the interplay between client value and business case and examples of how microinsurance providers can find that “magical balance”

This interactive workshop will provide insurers, researchers, distributors, regulators, and other microinsurance stakeholders with:

  • Cutting edge, detailed insights - backed by data - regarding the conditions under which there is a business case for microinsurance.
  • Practical information on how to improve the value of microinsurance offerings.

About the organisers
The workshop is jointly hosted by the Munich Re Foundation and the University of Munich/Graduate programm "Evidence-Based Economics" (EBE).


About MILK
Do low-income families really benefit from microinsurance? Is it true that there is a business case for microinsurance? The MILK Project, a three-year initiative of the MicroInsurance Centre, has been designed to help answer these questions.

With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and close collaboration with the ILO's Microinsurance Innovation Facility, MILK is focused on providing answers to these questions based on data and research. Through a better understanding client value and the business case in microinsurance, stakeholders will be better informed, better prepared, and better able to make rational decisions about their interventions in microinsurance. By testing key assumptions, we will also gain a more realistic vision for microinsurance.

About the 2nd Research Workshop on Microinsurance
The Workshop is a platform for researchers (mainly in Germany) who work on various questions related to microinsurance. Researchers, who use either theoretical or empirical methods, including survey studies or experimental studies such as randomised control trials, are highly welcome to join this platform. The 1st Research Workshop on Microinsurance took place in Mannheim, Germany on 7 December 2012.


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