17 to 19 April 2018, Bogota, Colombia

10 Years of Evolution in Inclusive Insurance

Learning Sessions Colombia

17.04.2018 Day 1
08:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Jorge H. Botero, President, Fasecolda (Colombia)
  • Dirk Reinhard, Vice Chairman, Munich Re Foundation (Germany)
08:30 The 4th Industrial Revolution: Disruption and exponential change
Carlos Belloni, Strategic Consultant (Argentina)
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09:15 Launch: The Landscape of Microinsurance in Latin America
Katharine Pulvermacher, Director, Microinsurance Network (Luxembourg)
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10:00 Coffee break
10:30 The National Strategy for Financial Inclusion
Felipe Lega, Director, URF (Colombia)
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11:10 Challenges of Supervision: Financial inclusion and consumer protection
Juliana Lagos, Director of Research and Development, SFC (Colombia)
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11.50 The power of innovation for financial inclusion
Ana Isabel Palacios, Service Designer, Desginit (Colombia)
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12.30 Lunch
14:00 Plan to Strengthen the Inclusive Insurance Market
Juliana Alvarez, Director, Banca de las Oportunidades (Colombia)
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14:45 Challenges of Insurance in the post-conflict era
Rodrigo Rivera, High Commissioner for Peace (Colombia)
15:30 Panel. Innovative experiences on inclusion
  • Beatriz Marulanda, Manager, Marulanda Consultores (Colombia)
18.4.2018 Day 2
08:00 Fireside Chat: Inclusive insurance experiences across the world: Hollard and Sura
09:45 Coffee Break
10:15 Digital business to enhance the quality of live
Carlos López-Moctezuma, Head of New Digital Businesses and Finclusion, BBVA Bancomer (Mexico)
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10:45 Inclusive insurance business case
Xavier Ruiz, CMO, Inmedical (Ecuador)
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11:15 Inclusive insurance business case Sergio Lozano, Commercial Manager, Aseguradora Pacífico. (Peru)
11:45 The importance of customer-centric design
Stephen O'Hearn, Global Insurance Leader, PwC
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12:30 Lunch
14:00 Mobile Insurance: the inclusive insurance revolution
Peter Gross, Director, Director, MicroEnsure Labs (United States)
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14:45 Lessons from inclusive insurance regulation
Andrea Camargo, CSO, MiCRO (United Kingdom)
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15:30 Rural Insurance in the post-conflict era
  • Luis E. Dussan, President, Banco Agrario (Colombia)
19.04.2018 Day 3
08:15 Opening and Instructions
Steve Mitchell, Chairman of the board, MiCRO (USA)
09:00 Disaster Risk Financing: a key piece of the puzzle
Ana María Torres, Disaster Risk Finance Specialist, World Bank (Colombia)
09:45 The importance of Disaster Risk Financing for development and economic growth
Victor Celaya, Director of Climate Change Support, SAGARPA (Mexico)
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10:30 Coffee Break
10:45 Panel. How are we closing the protection gap in Latin America?
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Group discussion
Group 1: DRF for governments

Discussion leaders:
  • Victor Celaya, Director of Climate Change Support, SAGARPA (Mexico)
  • Ana María Torres, Disaster Risk Finance Specialist, World Bank (Colombia)
Group 2: DRF for households and SMEs
Discussion leaders:
15:45 Coffee break
16:00 Plenary session: Groups present their findings
Plenary session between the two groups.
17:15 Closing
Katharine Pulvermacher, Director, Microinsurance Network (Luxembourg)
Alejandra Diaz, Director of Financial Inclusion and Sustainability, Fasecolda (Colombia)

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Learning Sessions Columbia

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