4th International Microinsurance Conference 2008

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4 November 2008
17.00-18.00: Registration
Day 1 5 November 2008   Download PDF - Summaries Download PDF - Presentations
08.00 Registration      
09.00 Opening of the conference Welcome adress:
Craig Churchill, Chairman, CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance, ILO, Switzerland
Roberto Junguito, Executive President, Fasecolda, Colombia
Thomas Loster, Chairman, Munich Re Foundation, Germany
Inaugural address:
Álvaro Uribe, President of Colombia
10.30 Coffee break         
11.00 Workshop
Introduction to microinsurance
Craig Churchill, ILO, Switzerland

Michael McCord, MicroInsurance Centre, USA

Gabrielle Tomchinsky, Consultant, USA

Presentation Churchill
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Presentation Tomchinsky
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12.30 Lunch      
14.00    Open space for meetings and networking
    Meetings of the CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance’s subgroups
(Members only)
Meeting schedule
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18.00 Meet and greet reception      

Day 2
6 November 2008 Speakers Download PDF - Summaries Download PDF - Presentations
14.30 Parallel sessions      
Session 1 Distribution Victoria Eugenia Bejarano de la Torre,
MAPFRE Seguros generales de Colombia S.A., Colombia
Public utility companies: Massive and efficient distribution channels of microinsurance products
Ranjula Bali Swain, Uppsala University, Sweden
Making microinsurance work: Multiple insurance products in Orissa’s Milk Federation in India
Isabel Cruz, AMUCS, Mexico
The rural social network of Mexico

Facilitator: Teresa Eugenia Prada González, FMMB, Colombia
Summary de la Torre
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Summary Bali Swain
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Summary Cruz
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Summary González
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de la Torre
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Presentation Bali Swain
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Presentation Cruz
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Session 2 Role of reinsurance in promoting microinsurance Hans Georg Radde, Benfield Group, UK
Role of the reinsurance industry in the microinsurance product development in Latin America and the Caribbean
Carmen Barboza, Aseguradora Tajy Propiedad Cooperativa S.A de Seguros, Paraguay
Overcoming the challenges in accessing reinsurance by pooling together – The Latin American Reinsurance Group
Peter Waldmann, Munich Re, Colombia
Facilitator: Richard Leftley, Microinsurance Agency, USA
Summary Radde > English 
> Spanish
Summary Barboza
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Summary Waldmann
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Presentation Radde
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Presentation Barboza  
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Presentation Waldmann
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Session 3
Capacity building role of actuaries in microinsurance
Facilitated discussion:
Peter Wrede, AKDN, Switzerland
François-Xavier Hay, Uplift, France
Denis Garand
, Consultant, Canada
Facilitator : Michael McCord, Microinsurance Center, USA
16.00 Coffee break      
16.30 Plenary 3
Insurers going down market
Pranav Prashad, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd., India
Microinsurance: Providing risk mitigation access through innovation in channels and products
Gonzalo Alberto Pérez Rojas, INVERSURA, Colombia
Microinsurance: An effective complement to microcredit solutions    
Olivier Barrau, Alternative Insurance Company, Haiti
Credit/life insurance

Facilitator: Luis Huerta, Seguros Argos S.A. de C.V., Mexico
Summary Prashad           > English
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Summary Pérez Rojas
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Summary Barrau
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Presentation Prashad
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Presentation Pérez Rojas 
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Presentation Barrau
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19.30 Dinner reception
hosted by Fasecolda

Day 3
7 November 2008 Speakers Download PDF - Summaries Download PDF - Presentations
08.30 Plenary 4
Eric Gerelle, IBEX Project Services, Switzerland
Michiel Berende, Consultant, Netherlands
The use of technology in
microinsurance: Presentation of a technology stocktaking study and roundtable discussion on experiences in technology

Facilitator : François-Xavier Hay,
Uplift, France
Summary Gerelle/Berende > English
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10.30 Coffee Break      
11.00 Parallel sessions      
Session 4 Linking social protection schemes with microinsurance Barbara Magnoni, President, EA Consultants, USA
Increasing enrolment of the informal sector in social health insurance through public/private partnerships: Experiences from Nicaragua and the Philippines
Brenda Rial, América Cooperativa y Mutual - ACYM, Uruguay
The design and implementation of an integrated National Health System in Uruguay
Valérie Schmitt-Diabate, ILO, Switzerland
Linkages between statutory social security schemes and community-based social protection mechanisms

Facilitator: Christian Jacquier,
ILO, Switzerland
Summary Magnoni
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Summary Rial
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Summary Schmitt-Diabate > English
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Presentation Magnoni   
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Presentation Rial
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Presentation Schmitt-Diabate
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Presentation Jacquier
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Session 5 New issues in microinsurance policy J. D. von Pischke, Frontier Finance International, Inc., USA 
Should poor people in developing countries make savings for the
long term? A concept paper and
research proposal 
Doubell Chamberlain, Cenfri,
South Africa 
Policy issues for mutuals
C. S. Ramanathan, Worldbank, USA Insurance and conditional cash transfers (CCTs) – Covering risks to enable asset accumulation by the poor
Facilitator: Brigitte Klein, GTZ, Germany 
Summary von Pischke 
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Summary Ramanathan
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Presentation von Pischke
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Presentation Chamberlain  
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Presentation Ramanathan
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Session 6 Capacity building for financial literacy  Alejandra Diaz, Fasecolda, Colombia Monique Cohen, Microfinance Opportunities, USA
Financial education for microinsurance
Michael McCann, Mutual & Federal, South Africa
Microinsurance and the link with consumer financial literacy
Steve Boucher, University of California - Davis, USA
An educational outreach strategy for
area yield insurance: Lessons from a
pilot programme in Peru
Facilitator: Michal Matul,
Microinsurance Innovation Facility- ILO, Switzerland
Summary Diaz
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Summary McCann
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Summary Boucher
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Presentation Diaz/Cohen    
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Presentation McCann  
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Presentation Boucher   
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12.30 Lunch      
13.00-14.00 Side events Micro Insurance Academy/CHAT, India
Involving customers in benefit package design - Choosing Healthplans All Together (CHAT)

Summary Micro Insurance Academy 
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Summary GIMI Facility
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Day 3
7 November 2008 Speakers Download PDF - Summaries Download PDF - Presentations
14.30 Parallel sessions      
Session 7 Regulation, supervision and policy issues in Latin America Carla Chiappe Villegas, SBS, Peru
Regina Simoes, SUSEP, Brazil 

José Alberto Garzón Gaitán
, Banco de Comercio Exterior de Colombia S.A. – Bancóldex, Colombia
The role of developing agencies in microinsurance promotion: The
Colombian experience

Facilitator: Guillermo Aponte, Centro Afin, Bolivia

Summary Garzón Gaitán
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> Spanish
Presentation Villegas
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Presentation Simoes/Vergílio
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Presentation Garzón Gaitán  > 1 MB
Session 8 Health  John Pott, Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance, Switzerland
Experimenting with innovative health microinsurance products, Issues for new practitioners - early quantitative lessons learned from two schemes in Pakistan
Elisa Carolina Torrenegra Cabrera, Gestarsalud, Colombia
The subsidised régime of health
operated by companies
Christine Bockstal, ILO, Senegal
Facilitator: Denis Garand, Consultant, Canada
Summary Pott
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> Spanish

Presentation Pott   
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Presentation Torrenegra Cabrera 
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Presentation Bockstal
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Session 9 Agriculture / Disaster Aaron Oxley, Micro Insurance Agency, USA
Index-based solutions for drought, floods and typhoons
Anne Murphy, Global Ag Risk Inc., USA
Using NGOs to advance microinsurance for weather risks among the rural poor
Ramakrishnan Devaprakash, CARE, India Designing a disaster-specific product: Making it more relevant and affordable
Facilitator: Thomas Loster,
Munich Re Foundation, Germany
Summary Oxley 
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Summary Murphy
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Summary Devaprakash
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> Spanish
Presentation Oxley  
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Presentation Murphy
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Presentation Devaprakash
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Presentation Loster
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16.00 Coffee break      
16.30 Plenary 5
Regulation, supervision and policy issues
Doubell Chamberlain, Cenfri, South Africa
Guiding principles for the regulation of microinsurance
Roberto Borras, Director of financial regulation, Colombia
Recaredo Arias, General Director of the Mexican Association of Insurers, Mexico
Facilitator: Craig Thorburn, Worldbank, USA
> Cross-country findings Presentation Chamberlain
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Presentation Arias
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18.00 - 18.30 Closing of the conference      
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