Information for speakers and facilitators

9th International Microinsurance Conference 2013, Indonesia

Hotel and travel

The organisers of the conference are not responsible for hotel and travel arrangements. Please make your own hotel and travel arrangements. We strongly recommend to make early flight and hotel reservations.

Travel expenses for speakers and facilitators

Speakers and facilitators will be granted free admission to the conference. There is a limited budget for economy travel and hotel expenses available upon application. Applications made after the submission of the proposal cannot be accepted.

  • Travel expenses will be provided for representatives of not-for-profit organisations (excluding large national or international donor organizations) only.
  • There is no limit to the number of abstract submissions and speakers/facilitators per organisation; however, we can cover travel expenses only for one speaker per organisation.
  • Reimbursable travel and hotel expenses are limited to a total of €1,500 per person. We will cover hotel expenses up to a maximum of four nights. Only economy class travel will be reimbursed.
  • Due to tax regulations, only tickets for flights, trains, etc. within three days before and three days after the conference can be accepted. Otherwise, only 50% of the ticket will be reimbursed.
  • Travel – train, flight, bus – and hotel expenses only. No other expenses will be accepted, e.g. dinner, etc. since food will be provided during the conference.
  • Applications for travel expenses made after submission of the proposal cannot be accepted.
  • Travel expenses have to be submitted for reimbursement before 1 January 2014. To claim travel expenses, speakers and facilitators will be asked to submit receipts as well as the completed travel reimbursement form after the conference. Only actual invoices or bank statements will be accepted as proof of payment. Online cost estimates are not acceptable.
  • In case you cannot follow the rules above, please contact the conference organisers.

Copyright issues

We plan to make your presentation available on our conference website. Please let us know if you do not want to publish your presentation on the conference website. We assume that you have the copyright of all material used in the presentation unless otherwise noted. If not, it may be necessary for you so send us a modified version of your presentation to be published on our website (different from the one you use during the conference) or to obtain the written permission of the copyright owner of copyrighted material you use in your presentation.



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