Carlos Kaiser, Director of ONG Inclusiva, in dialogue with Munich Re Foundation.
Mr. Kaiser presents the signed contract for the 2014 RISK Award project.

Four questions put to Carlos Kaiser, Executive Director of ONG Inclusiva, Peñaflor

ONG Inclusiva from Peñaflor won the RISK Award 2014. The winning project helps people with disabilities to be better prepared when natural disasters strike. At the IDRC in Davos we spoke with Carlos Kaiser, Executive Director of ING Inclusiva, about his project.

MRF: Carlos, congratulations. What does the RISK Award mean for you?
CK: A lot of things. The award provides the opportunity to make our goals real. In Chile, NGOs often struggle with resources and funding. But for us the RISK Award is more than funding. Also, we now realise that we are going in the right direction.

MRF: In the award ceremony you mentioned how important networks are. Can you explain what kind of networks you are talking about?
CK: If we worked isolated, we would never succeed. Of course, the Peñaflor local government is an important partner, and we get a lot of support from there. We also network with Chile-based institutions such as local government associations as well as international partners such as the Global Network. A key partner is the Health Ministry of our government. It can spread findings from our work all over the country.

MRF: What are the next project steps?
CK: First of all, we need to get our job done. We will then try to involve science in order to get relevant and reviewed knowledge. The information we share must be based on evidence. We will then discuss  with our Health Minister how to best make use of our knowledge. Last but not least, we are working on international training courses for Latin America and the Caribbean so that as many people as possible can benefit.

MRF: Where do you see the project three years from now?
CK: In three years we will have hard data. Also, we will know more about qualitative aspects, about how people with disabilities benefit. We are striving to ensure that not only insiders know what to do in a moment of crisis. We want all people in our area to have knowledge and to be aware. In three years' time, we want to see relevant action, not only words.

CB, TL, 01 September 2014 

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