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In August 2012, Davos, Switzerland, will host an important conference on disaster preparedness, the "Fourth International Disaster and Risk Conference" (IDRC). The opening ceremony will include the first presentation of the RISK Award, which offers substantial prize money. The prize will be awarded to a project that serves to improve disaster preparedness in cities and other urban areas. The €100,000 prize money will be used to implement the winning project, which will be announced on 26 August 2012.

The large number of excellent proposals was impressive. It shows how many facets disaster preparedness has, and that numerous, very different approaches can lead to one and same goal. This is shown clearly by the following ten examples (original titles, organisations in alphabetical order), which were considered the best of all 2012 RISK Award applications:

  • "Development of a people-centered early warning system for hydro-meteorological disaster risk reduction in Asian cities”
    Project area: Da Nang City, Vietnam, Chittagong City, Bangladesh
    Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, Vietnam
  • “Making the City of Beira resilient to floods and cyclones” 
    Project area: City of Beira, Mozambique
    Association IP Consult / Ambero Consult, Mozambique
  • “Unite science and communities for disaster risk reduction in vulnerable cities of the Greater Antilles”
    Project area: Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic
    Caritas Germany, Caribbean
  • “Enhance the coping capacity of the urban slum dwellers through disseminating early cold wave warning, and capacity building on cold wave coping”
    Project area: Rangpur, Dinajpur, Lalmonirhat and Kurigram districts
    Center for Participatory Research and Development-CPRD, Bangladesh
  • “Community alert and alarm system (Sistema de alerta e alarme communitário)"
    Project area: Slums Rio de Janeiro.
    Civil Defense of the City of Rio de Janeiro (Defesa Civil da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro), Brazil
  • "Enhance capacity on disaster prevention through warning systems at community level in Hoa Vang's suburban district, Danang city”
    Project area: Hoa Vang's suburban district, Danang city.
    Committee for Flood and Storm Control - Search and Rescue of Danang city, Vietnam
  • “Tsunami risk assessment for early warning and strategic mitigation”
    Project area: Coastal region, Sri Lanka
    Department of Civil Engineering  University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
  • “Building a model for a multi hazard early warning system”
    Project area: Pasaman Barat District, West Sumatra Province
    KOGAMI, Indonesia
  • “SMART-PP (Social Media Alert Response Training – Philippines Project)”
    Project area: Manila, Philippines.
    Lyon Associates, Inc., Philippines
  • “Accra floods early warning systems (ACCRA FEWS Project)" 
    Project area: Accra Metropolis of Ghana
    OXFAM GB, Ghana

We thank all of the applicants for their excellent proposals. The next RISK Award will be bestowed in 2014. The subject and the application deadlines will be announced in early 2013. 
cb, 29. June 2012

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